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How We Work

An important part of our job is to stay abreast of changes in investment opportunities, tax policies, and economic trends. Our education and experience has prepared us to sift through masses of information and pull out only what is applicable to you or can be used to your advantage.

We can help you determine whether the "great investment opportunity" they`re talking about at the office is really in your best interest. Your input is always valuable because it keeps us attuned to your needs and concerns.

You gain peace of mind knowing that your investments are being handled on an individual basis, and are continuously being fine-tuned to the changes you make in career, family, education, or life-style.

We start be taking a fresh, close look at your current financial situation. Gathering these facts gives us ... and you ... a very clear starting point on the road toward helping you meet your financial objectives. Your objectives may include:

Income Tax Strategies

Tax Reduction Methods
Tax Deferral Techniques

Investment Goals

Determining Risk Tolerance
Setting Investment Goals
Selecting Investment Vehicles
Monitoring Investment Portfolio

Retirement Goals

IRA Selection
Retirement Plan Selection & Design
Distribution Alternatives
IRA Rollover Options

Educational Goals

Targeting Cash Needs
Selecting Methods for Funding Education

Educational Goals

  • Targeting Cash Needs
  • Selecting Methods for Funding Education

You may become financially independent IF ...

  • You have the willingness to learn.
  • You have the discipline to save.
  • You have the courage to invest.You have the patience to build.

Take The First Step!

We are sure you understand the necessity for careful review and implementation to get the results you want. But, you can`t get results until you take the first step and call or write to us. We`ll set up an interview at you convenience and get you started on the path to a great financial future!

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  |  (703) 591-5021